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Gal Aluminium Extrusion Pvt Ltd


  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing facilities
    The modern plant is equipped with an automatic controlled press, compact hydraulic extrusion press with flexibility to extrude 6â, 7â, 8â and 9â diameter billets. All presses have
  • GALCOâs surface treatment division is capable on handling of 75 MT / Month, Natural & SnSo4 based colour Anodizing with precision and Aesthetic match delivered with permanent sealing ( hot & cold ) from 5 to 25 Micron

    Anodising can
  • Powder coating is the most widespread method of surface coating and provides an almost limitless choice of colours with excellent repeatability of colour matching. GALCO powder coats hundreds of thousands of aluminium extrusion components each
  • At the design stage it is possible to create a profile that needs a minimum amount of post-extrusion machining. However, some form of further processing is often necessary after extrusion. The material properties of aluminium are suitable for
  • The ultramodern automatic puller and handling system on press exit ensures bend / twist and scratch free extrusion to deliver.
  • Die Designing
    GALCOâs design department is fully supported with latest version of Auto Cad and other related simulation software where the designed dies can be virtually visualize with its fatigue / flow patterns / support zones and
  • While during extrusion it is essential to create oxygen free atmosphere at least for initial 300mm of Extrusion as well as to prevent the die bearing from overheating. GALCOâs all state of art extrusion dies are compatible for Nitrogen
  • Fully automatic fluidized bed die heat treatment and nitriding system with inart gas ensures totally oxide free hot working of die steel and with zero deformation and accuracy of extrusion tooling.
    Heat Treatment
    Heat Treatment is
  • GALCO offer the choice of packing to the customers on chargeable basis apart from the regular stretch wrapped and machine sack packing. All material packed under GALCO roof is nearly shock proof bearing the profile no. / weight / pieces rate.
  • Aluminium furnace is designed to serve various industrial purposes. It consist of various elements like Fe, Al, Cr, which are supported by numerous other equipments for better heat distribution of heat and longer lifetime of the element. These