Gal Aluminium Extrusion Pvt. Ltd.

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Gal Aluminium Extrusion Pvt Ltd. (GALCO) established its factory for manufacture of aluminium extrusions in the year 1992 at Ahmednagar. GALCO has 4 aluminium extrusion presses with an installed capacity of 4,500 TPA. The company is the leader in aluminium extrusions in India having produced about 3,600 MT during 2011-12 and it being the largest manufacturer of aluminium extrusions in Maharashtra, is meeting country’s 25% of total demand. Our product range comprises Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet, Aluminium Heat Sinks, Aluminium Equal Angles, Aluminium Tubes, Aluminium Rods, etc. GALCO’s products are well known for their quality and considered best among more than 100 aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India. Due to image, reputation and high quality, its products command 10-15% premium in the market. However, this benefit goes to dealers and consumers only.

GALCO has always advocated the use of clean energy. Wind power is environment friendly and a green technology. Our 1.25 MW Wind Power Project, situated at post Bhore Patthar, 25 km from Ahmednagar has made us self sufficient in terms of power.